Day 002 – Xocoveza Charred

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Stone Brewing in Escondido, CA
  • Beer Name – Xocoveza Charred (2015)
  • Served in Stone Brewing Pint Glass
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 10.0%
  • IBU – 31
  • Untappd score – 4.203 (3,176 ratings)

Beer Notes

Unlike yesterday’s beer, which was underwhelming, today’s beer is excellent.  There was a different flavor in every sip.  Coffee was most prominent but you could get a bit of cinnamon and vanilla and a little of the bourbon barrel.  And it was so smooth!  I’d drink this one every day if I could.

Other Thoughts

Much like these last two beers, the last two days could not have been any more different. After yesterday’s poorly attended inauguration ceremony, the Women’s March today drew massive crowds.  The crowds were so large, in fact, that in both Washington DC and Chicago they tried to change them from marches to rallies because there were too many people to march.  I wasn’t sure what sort of impact these marches would have, but it’s clear that those in charge are not happy about them and have come out in full force to lie about the inauguration attendance today.  It’s a scary day when the White House press secretary tells the media what they should be reporting on.

And this doesn’t even get into Trump’s potential overreach with an executive order regarding the ACA.  I’m just going to have to keep on drinking here, it seems.

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