Day 003 – Rain on the Scarecrow

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – 5 Stones in Cibolo, TX
  • Beer Name – Rain on the Scarecrow
  • Served in a 5 Stones tulip glass
  • Style – Saison
  • ABV – 6.0%
  • IBU – 28
  • Untappd score – 3.897 (129 ratings)

Beer Notes

I’m not generally a big fan of saisons but I have really liked every beer I’ve had from 5 Stones.  The first one I ever had, Aloha Pina, an ale with pineapple and jalapeño, was fantastic.  Most of their beers have some unusual flavors in them and so this one is surprising because it is so simple in comparison.  No exotic fruits, spices, or peppers.  Just a solid example of how good a saison can be.  Highly recommended!

Other Notes

Now that we have made it to the third day of a Trump presidency, it seems like a good idea to look back at all the things he promised to do on his first day in office and see how he did.  Hmmm… broke 34 out of 36 promises.  At this rate, he will keep 35 more of the remaining 627 promises he made.  Of course, he now says his first day in office is really tomorrow, because presidents are allowed to take some time off, right (see below).  So let’s see how the scorecard looks after Monday, right?  Or, if you believe in alternative facts, he will continue to keep all his promises.

Relevant Stupid Trump Tweet of the Day:


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