Day 004 – Miel Sauvage

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Bayou Teche in Arnaudville, LA
  • Beer Name – Miel Sauvage
  • Served in
  • Style – Braggot
  • ABV – 10.0%
  • IBU – 30
  • Untappd score – 3.764 (1,364 ratings)

Beer Notes

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what a Braggot was. The bottle says it is a honey ale and that sums it up pretty well. It’s sweet, very smooth, and easy to drink. Kind of a more beer-like mead.

Other Notes

This seemed like a slow day. I thought maybe drinking every day to survive Trump may not be necessary. And then, inexplicably, he decided to falsely claim he only lost the popular vote due to voter fraud. If he really believes this is true, though, then clearly the answer is to call for a new election!

Relevant Stupid Trump Tweet of the Day

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