Day 005 – Vin Dicel

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Four Corners in Dallas, TX
  • Collaboration with Grapevine Craft Brewery in Grapevine, TX
  • Beer Name – Vin Dicel
  • Served in a Four Corners tulip glass
  • Style – Barleywine
  • ABV – 10.0%
  • IBU – 30
  • Untappd score – 3.949 (429 ratings)

Beer Notes

Barleywines are a mixed bag for me.  They are usually too sweet for me, but on the other hand they are strong, which makes it a bit easier to suffer through the sweetness.  No suffering here.  This one has a sweet caramel flavor but it’s not too sweet.  It has a strong boozy taste.  A great team up by two breweries that I’ve been to multiple times.

Other Thoughts

Today, Trump threatened to send the Feds into Chicago, my hometown (and a great beer city… can’t wait for some of the Chicago beers I have for next month).  Before he goes ahead with his plan to declare martial law and take all their guns away (or hand out more guns?  He’s pretty vague here as usual), he should consider some tougher gun regulations to keep a lot of these guns off the streets.  Anyways, for more information on Trumps war against Chicago, including the fact that he is just getting these tweet ideas from The O’Reilly Factor, check out this article from Chicagoist.  Oh and I don’t even have time to write about all the other horrible things he did today.

Relevant Stupid Trump Tweets of the Day


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