Day 011 – Darkest Hour

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Beer Stats

I’m going to go ahead and do two beers today.  I have Deep Ellum’s Darkest Hour and the barrel aged version as well.

  • Brewery – Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX
  • Beer Name – Darkest Hour – Barrel Aged (2016)
  • Served in Deep Ellum snifter (not pictured)
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 11%
  • IBU – 60
  • Untappd score – 4.144 (724 ratings)
  • Brewery – Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX
  • Beer Name – Darkest Hour (2015)
  • Served in Darkest Hour snifter
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 11%
  • IBU – 60
  • Untappd score – 4.046 (3,419 ratings)

Beer Notes

I’ve had a lot of imperial stouts and I’ve had a lot of barrel aged stouts.  Sometimes I’ve had both variations of a single beer, like these.  But I’ve never tried them at the same time.  They taste like very different beers.  The original Darkest Hour beer is delicious, one of the best stouts in Texas.  The bourbon barrel version has the bourbon take over.  You can kind of tell it’s the same beer in there but the bourbon flavor is strong.  I’m not sure if one is better than the other, because they have a completely different flavor.  Both are highly recommended if you can find one.

Other Thoughts

Winston Churchill once described the darkest hour as the period of time just after France fell in WWII, when the British were fighting the Axis powers alone.  It looks like we are at the start of our own darkest hour now, only eleven days into the Trump administration.  Tomorrow he is set to announce his Supreme Court pick, to fill a seat that should have been filled months ago by Obama’s pick.  Multiple sources suggest that later this week he will issue an Executive Order allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people in many areas, including adoption.

There is a glimmer of light in all this, as the Democrats in Congress are showing signs that they are going to put up a fight.  Multiple senators have plans to introduce bills this week overturning Trump’s executive order banning Muslims. Several Senators have also announced their intention to fight Trump’s Supreme Court pick, although they probably cannot stop it if Republicans in Congress remain united with Trump.

That last paragraph was supposed to be all I had to say for the day but tonight, our acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, ordered our Justice Department not to defend Trump’s ban of Muslims.  Less than 2 hours later, she was fired.  A press release was issued by the White House and, by all appearances, it was written by Trump himself (who other than this asshole uses the word weak twice in one sentence?).  The release states that she betrayed the Department of Justice. The Attorney General’s job is to defend the constitution.  If they believe that something is unconstitutional, it is their responsibility to do exactly what Ms. Yates did.  At this point we just have to hope that enough Republicans get on the impeach Trump train before it’s too late.  Me?  I’m going to keep drinking.

A Breakdown of Trump’s Morning Tantrum Tweets

OK, that’s a lot of word garbage there, but let’s go through this.

  1. There may have only been 109 detained at the time of his tweet, but there were many more turned away by airlines before they could even get on a plane.  It doesn’t matter how small of a number it is, if it is ripping families apart.
  2. The Delta airport problem happened on Sunday night.  This has nothing to do with the Muslim ban.
  3. Senator Schumer was visibly upset at the president banning an entire religion from the country.  This could be because many of his ancestors lost their lives during the Holocaust.  Trump chose to mock him.
  4. If Trump had studied the world at all, he would know that he is targeting the wrong countries.  Not that he should target anyone else, given that the whole ban is illegal.
  5. Trump defended this executive order saying it isn’t a ban.  Yesterday.  And then called it a ban here.
  6. The people who he is keeping out are refugees that have already waited a long time to get here and have gone through an extensive screening process that can take two years.  The “bad” wouldn’t have suddenly been able to rush into the country as he claims.


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