Day 016 – Hoppenheimer

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – The Manhattan Project in Dallas, TX
  • Beer Name – Hoppenheimer
  • Served in a Springfield Brewing pint glass
  • Style – IPA
  • ABV – 7%
  • IBU – 68
  • Untappd score –  3.894 (475 ratings)

Beer Notes

This is a new brewery that has just started showing up around Dallas in the past couple months.  I’ve tried their Belgian brown ale (Inception) and their coconut porter (Plutonium-239).  Those were great beers with great names.  The great names continue here, but the beer doesn’t quite hit the mark for me.  It’s not bad, but there is just nothing exciting about it.  With all the bold beers I’ve been drinking on this challenge, it just doesn’t stand out.

Other Thoughts

After a judge put a temporary block on Trump’s Muslim ban last night, Trump has gone off the rails today.  He starts with this:

Just a reminder that the decision just reverted the law back to what it was before the executive order.  It didn’t just open the doors to whoever wants to come into the country. All the screening processes are still in place.  Not that it matters to Trump, who continued with this:

The man that Trump calls a “so-called judge” is an actual judge, confirmed 99-0 by the Senate in 2004.  The biggest problem here is that Trump doesn’t seem to have any idea how checks and balances work.  As the attorney general of Washington state said:

(BF is the attorney general, Bob Ferguson)

It doesn’t seem likely that Trump will figure any of this out though, as he later tweeted out a question that he probably should have just asked his new acting Attorney General:

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