Day 022 – Mephistopheles’ Stout

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Avery in Boulder, CO
  • Beer Name – Mephistopheles’ Stout (2016)
  • Served in a Mother’s Brewing glass
  • Style – American Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 14.6%
  • IBU – 100
  • Untappd score –  4.236 (1,519 ratings)

Beer Notes

The label says that Mephistopheles is “the second fallen angel; he who does not love light.”  It seems like Avery has picked a perfect name for the darkest beer that I have ever seen. As for the flavor, it is a very boozy stout.  There is some coffee flavor and some sweetness.  Most stouts that are this strong have been barrel aged and stuffed full of other flavors but this just tastes like a hoppy stout on steroids.  Avery has said that this is the last batch of this beer that they are planning to make.  I hope they change their mind someday because there really isn’t another stout quite like this one.

Other Thoughts

It’s Friday, and this beer is strong, so I don’t have it in me to write much today.  So much happens every day lately, that by the end of the day, I have a hard time even remembering what went on.  There are two things that stick out to me.  Really, they are both intelligence leaks.  The first is that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn lied about speaking with Russia’s ambassador after Obama imposed sanctions against Russia.  It’s hard to say what will actually happen here in a Trump presidency but it seems like, at a minimum, Flynn should be fired here.  Second, CNN is reporting that US officials have verified some information from the infamous Trump dossier.  At this point, none of the more scandalous parts are verified, but up until now, nothing in there had been verified.  This still may end up being a bunch of noise, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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