Day 036 – Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery –Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City, UT and Denver, CO
  • Beer Name – Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist (Release #3)
  • Served in a Societe Brewing glass
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 12.8%
  • IBU – 65
  • Untappd score –  4.411 (2,616 ratings)

Beer Notes

The original Big Bad Baptist is a great bourbon barrel aged stout.  For this beer, they took that beer and added in coffee beans that were aged in whiskey barrels.  The result is great.  The bourbon flavor is strong.  The coffee flavor is perfect and there is a bit of a sweet chocolate flavor.  So it’s the same old story here, all these stouts are basically bourbon+coffee+chocolate in some combination.  The key is to get them balanced, and this beer succeeds, especially as it warmed a bit.  A+ would drink again!

Other Thoughts

Today the Trump administration doubled down on Trump’s belief that the press is “the enemy of the people”.  Press Secretary Spicer had a briefing this afternoon and excluded multiple news organizations, including CNN and the New York Times.  This is the sort of thing that happens in a dictatorship, not a democracy.  And I know that because Sean Spicer said as much in December.

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