Day 042 – Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Rahr & Sons Brewing in Fort Worth, TX
  • Beer Name – Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer (2016)
  • Served in a Rahr pint glass
  • Style – Winter Warmer
  • ABV – 10.2%
  • IBU – 44
  • Untappd score –  4.083 (444 ratings)

Beer Notes

Before I get into my thoughts on the actual beer, I just wanted to talk about my reviews.  I don’t think they are very good.  I have been reluctant to get into the more technical side of beer review, but at some point I think you have to dive in a bit or else your reviews are just going to sound the same.  When I am typing up my thoughts on my 10th straight bourbon barrel stout, I know they taste different, but my vocabulary on describing how is pretty limited.  Now this challenge was mostly documenting things for myself, but I do think it’s fun and I will continue this blog in some fashion once the 100 days are up.  I’m going to start doing some reading and studying to up my review game a bit, and maybe by the time the 100 days are up, it will start being noticeable.

Now for the beer.  I was going to save this one for a good winter day, but it doesn’t seem like we are actually going to get any this year.  And with Trump in the White House, we may not get any again (Per Reuters, the White House EPA budget proposal cuts climate protection program 70 percent).  Instead, it seemed like a good beer to have today on Texas Independence Day.  I’m not a native Texan so I’m not really sure why this is a thing (since Texas is not independent) but whatever, it’s an excuse to drink more Texas beer so I’m not complaining.

As for how the beer is, it’s good.  There is a bit of a fruity flavor to it (raisins?) and maybe toffee?  It’s very boozy and it is definitely warming as it goes down.  The bourbon flavor it subtle.  Actually, it’s barely noticeable.  Also, there is usually a bit more spiciness in winter warmers and this beer seems to have skipped out on all of that to focus on the fruit flavors.  I’d like to have had a bit more spice flavor in here, but I’m not complaining!

Other Thoughts

As a result of last night’s story that Jeff Sessions had lied to the Senate about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, he has agreed to recuse himself from any future investigations regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election.  This is what many Democrats (and a few Republicans) came out demanding this morning.  Many more, though, are not satisfied with this and are demanding that he resign.  At this time, there is no indication that will happen.

All this Russian talk, which just keeps coming up over and over again, raises some very serious concerns.  If you believe Trump that all these connections are innocent and that there is nothing more sinister going on between his administration and Russia, you are in a minority.  So I’ve just been wondering about what would happen if there was a law that Putin wanted Trump to push, or one that he wanted Trump to stop/amend/whatever.  Even if he really doesn’t have any blackmail against Trump, what is there to stop him from spreading misinformation if Trump doesn’t bend to Putin’s will?  At this point, fake information leaking (and I’m sure the Russians can make it seem credible) would be just as damaging as anything real that could be out there.

But this could all be cleared up if Trump released his taxes and cooperated fully with an investigation.  The fact that he still refuses to do so strongly implies that there is something worse out there than we can even imagine at this point.  Maybe everything in the Trump dossier is true?  Maybe there is even more?  Republicans in Congress need to stop enabling Trump and start working on these investigations.


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