Day 045 – Première Ale

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Chimay in Belgium
  • Beer Name – Première Ale
  • Served in a Chimay glass
  • Style – Belgian Dubbel
  • ABV – 7%
  • IBU – N/A
  • Untappd score –  3.816 (97,743 ratings)

Beer Notes

This is a trappist beer, which I believe means that it was brewed on a monastery.  It’s a good beer but I can’t say it’s anything special.  Out of their three core beers, this one is probably the least impressive, and I probably wouldn’t choose it again (especially since it isn’t the cheapest beer out there).  It’s worth trying once though, as one of the few trappist beers out there.

Other Thoughts

Today, the Trump administration requested that there be a congressional probe into the wiretapping that Trump accused Obama of in yesterday’s absurd tweets.  IF there was any wiretapping done of Trump Tower during Obama’s administration, it would have been with a FISA warrant, and it would have been with probable cause.  So his request for a probe essentially is a request for a probe into the whole Russian affair in the administration. Perhaps his outburst will be what was needed for Congress to start seriously considering an independent investigation.  (I doubt it, but I can hope!)

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