Day 046 – Bourbon County Brand Regal Rye

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Goose Island in Chicago, IL
  • Beer Name – Bourbon County Brand Regal Rye Stout
  • Served in a Lakewood Brewing glass
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 13.2%
  • IBU –60
  • Untappd score –  4.521 (19,797 ratings)

Beer Notes

I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!  This beer is awesome.  I’ve been over the whole issue with these Goose Island beers.  How they are actually owned by AB InBev and how the big breweries are bad for the small ones.  But Goose Island is generally still awesome, especially the Bourbon County Brand series.  This one has a bit of sweetness from the added blackberry juice and cherries.  A little bit of chocolate and bourbon flavor as well make this a great treat.

Other Thoughts

I decided to pick a beer from a Chicago brewery today because it is Casimir Pulaski day.  I’ve learned over the years that this isn’t necessarily a household name outside of Chicago, but as a kid growing up, his birthday was always a holiday.  Pulaski doesn’t have any direct ties to Chicago.  He was a war hero in the Revolutionary War, and once saved George Washington’s life. He was considered a father of the American cavalry.  He never passed through Chicago, as he was born in Warsaw and died during battle in Georgia.  But Chicago has a huge Polish population (the metropolitan area has around 1.5 million… even after I moved away) and so Pulaski’s birthday was declared a holiday in Illinois in the 1970’s.  This was a great beer to drink in his memory. (Also, Trump signed another Muslim ban.  Fuck Trump.)

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