Day 047 – Barrel Crusher

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX
  • Beer Name – Barrel Crusher
  • Served in a Deep Ellum pint glass
  • Style – Double IPA
  • ABV – 13%
  • IBU –100
  • Untappd score –  4.187 (1,062 ratings)

Beer Notes

This is a great beer. It’s a good change of pace from the normal.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had a barrel aged double IPA before.  It still retains a lot of the flavor of the original Dreamcrusher that it’s based on, with a huge extra kick from the bourbon.  Michelle thought it was interesting but said she didn’t think she could drink a whole glass.  I completely disagree.  The entire bottle was gone way too quickly.  Also, look at that bottle.  It’s a fantastic label.

Other Thoughts

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but they unveiled their Trump/Ryancare last night and the reviews have been pouring in.  They aren’t good.  Well, first of all, AARP said that a 64 year old making $15,000 a year would have a $8,400 a year increase in premium.  The biggest hikes in health care costs are going to hit the poor and the elderly.  So it goes without saying that Democrats are opposed to this.  I haven’t heard any come out in favor.  But there is also opposition from the far right.  The Freedom caucus (tea party people) in the house have announced their opposition.  Conservative groups AFP, Club for Growth, and Heritage have announced their opposition.  Rand Paul and Mike Lee in the Senate have announced their opposition.  Of course, they are all opposed because they believe that it’s not screwing over poor and elderly people quite enough, but their opposition still leaves this bill on life support.  The bill, as it is, will not become law.  The problem is, if they strip out more to appease the tea party, they may lose too many conservative Republicans. Who knows if they will be able to change anything at all in the end.

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