Day 048 – Lady of the Night

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Urban Family in Seattle, WA
  • Beer Name – Lady of the Night
  • Served in a 5 Stones tulip glass
  • Style – Sour Ale
  • ABV – 6.19%
  • IBU –N/A
  • Untappd score –  4.117 (3,832 ratings)

Beer Notes

This is the first sour beer that I’ve had from Urban Family and it’s delicious.  I wasn’t sure if I should have this beer today (given the name) since it happens to be International Women’s Day but Michelle approved so I went ahead.  It’s a really good sour ale.  It’s very tart and there is a fairly strong tropical flavor (mostly orange but maybe a little grapefruit?) to compliment the tartness.  Very easy to drink and gone way too soon.

Other Thoughts

Today is International Women’s Day and it’s a reminder that we still have a way to go before we have true equality in our country.  But there has been progress made.  Let’s see what our current president has said about women.

  • When you’re a star, they let you do it.  You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy.
  • You have to treat ’em (women) like shit.
  • They (women) are far worse than men, far more aggressive.
  • This tweet:

I mean, there are a lot more.  Others have put together more comprehensive lists about what he’s said regarding women.  Clearly nothing but respect for women.  Not hard to understand why 53% of white women voted for him!


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