Day 054 – Collage #2

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR
  • Collaboration with Hair of the Dog Brewing in Portland, OR
  • Beer Name – Collage #2
  • Served in a Grapevine pint glass
  • Style – American Strong Ale (blend)
  • ABV – 14.3% (for pi day… if you reverse it around the decimal)
  • IBU – 19
  • Untappd score –  4.303 (2,941 ratings)

Beer Notes

This is an absolutely crazy beer.  It’s actually a blend of 4 different beers that have been aged (in various barrels).  There are two from Deschutes (imperial stout The Abyss and Belgian quad The Stoic) and two from Hair of the Dog (golden strong ale Fred and barleywine Doggie Claws).  I have not actually had any of the individual beers, but the color is much lighter than a stout so I wouldn’t guess there is too much of The Abyss even though I can definitely taste it in there. The barleywine is also present, and it may be the dominant beer in the blend.  Getting more specific, I can taste vanilla, whiskey, and some fruits (grapes and fig maybe).

Unrelated to the taste of the beer, this bottle was nearly impossible to open.  Deschutes put so much wax on this cap that it took me about 10 minutes to open.  This isn’t a new brewery.  Do better!  Today is March 14th and is known as pi day (since the first 3 digits are 3.14).  I didn’t have a beer that was 3.14% (I mean, that’s practically non-alcoholic) but I did happen to have one that was 14.3% so that is why I picked this beer today.  Strangely enough, it’s not the first beer I’ve had in the challenge that’s 14.3% (Java Cask on day 9) and it won’t be the last, as I have another one on the schedule (currently scheduled for day 97)

Other Thoughts

The big news today came in this evening (as it often seems to do lately).  Rachel Maddow tweeted out that she had Trump’s tax returns and would be showing them on her show. What she had was 2 pages of his 1040 from 2005.  Trump actually paid 38 million in taxes that year, although almost all of it was due to the alternative minimum tax which his proposed tax plan would eliminate (and would have made his tax bill that year 34 million lighter).  Overall, this isn’t big news.  Some people are wondering if this will end up being the first part of a much bigger leak, and I think this story is important because of that. But there’s not much to gather from 2 pages of a 1040, and the fact that Trump paid a decent amount of taxes that year has led some to wonder if Trump himself leaked these pages (there is a Client Copy stamp on the page) in order to distract from his awful Trumpcare. So let’s not forget about Trumpcare.  As part of the CBO report on that bill, they stated that the bill would save Social Security over 3 billion dollars.  Because people are going to die sooner.  Just sickening.


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