Day 069 – Ice Bock

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Franconia in McKinney, TX
  • Beer Name – Ice Bock
  • Served in a Four Bullets Brewery glass
  • Style – Eisbock
  • ABV – 17%
  • IBU – N/A
  • Untappd score –  N/A

Beer Notes

I’m not generally a big fan of Franconia’s beers, but their bock beers are delicious.  This one is serious.  According to the label, the style was discovered when barrels of bock beer were left out in the winter.  When spring came around, they discovered that under the frozen ice, there was an extract of bock beer underneath.  I can believe that is how this came about because it’s thick, almost syrupy.  There is flavor of toasted malts along with a little bit of coffee and chocolate.  Also alcohol.  You can’t completely mask it when it’s 17%.  This is a very interesting beer and worth a try if you find a bottle.

Other Thoughts

I don’t have much today.  The news has been moving a bit slow.  It does seem like we are building up to something.  Trump complained about the New York Times (calling them fake news once again) on Twitter this morning, which does make you wonder if they are about to break a story about him. Probably the biggest news of the day happened across the ocean, where the UK has begun their Brexit process.  I don’t have much to say about that I guess, but the people who voted for that are as crazy as those who voted for Trump.


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