Day 071 – Hammer of the Gods

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Braindead Brewing in Dallas, TX
  • Beer Name – Hammer of the Gods
  • Served in a Marvel Thor glass
  • Style – Porter
  • ABV – 11.1%
  • IBU – 65
  • Untappd score –  4.223 (995 ratings)

Beer Notes

First, here on day 71 of the challenge, I am drinking a beer from my 25th Texas brewery. There is good beer all over the world, but we have a lot of great stuff here in Texas!

I’ve been to Braindead Brewing once, on a Halloween beer bus.  It was the first stop.  The brewery is wonderful and I had a couple great beers while I was there.  I’ve made a point to try their beers when I see them on tap ever since.  When I saw a bottle of this one, I knew I had to have it.  I didn’t even know what it was.  It turns out that it’s wonderful.  According to their website, the beer is a bourbon barrel aged imperial wheat porter.  The bourbon flavor is there and is strong.  Coffee flavor is much lighter along with a some chocolate. The website says the wheat is added to give the beer a bit of a pie crust flavor, and I don’t think it comes out exactly like that but it’s not far off.  Maybe a bourbon coffee pie then? It may not be easy to find a bottle of this anymore, but if you can, get it for sure!

Other Thoughts

I’m not going to write much here tonight because I already finished this whole beer and there may be a bit of alcohol in it.  I listened in on Spicer’s press conference today, and I suggest that everyone do this at some point. It’s really incredible how he can lie with almost every word that comes out of his mouth and do it so confidently.

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