Brewery Visit – Legal Draft Beer Company

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Brewery Name: Legal Draft Beer Company
Location: Arlington, TX
Date of Visit: March 26, 2017
Beers Enjoyed: SMaSH and GRaB (IPA), Presumed Innocent IPA, Roasted Pumpkin Spice (Amber Lager)

A couple weekends ago, Michelle and I drove out to Arlington to meet up with friends and enjoy some beers at Legal Draft Beer Co, a relative newcomer to the DFW beer scene.

Legal Draft-78

You wouldn’t know that Legal Draft just had their grand opening this past July.  It seems like I’ve been seeing their beer in bars and stores all around North Dallas for quite some time.  Their taproom in Downtown Arlington (close enough to see the massive AT&T stadium in the distance) was quite busy, even on a windy and overcast Sunday afternoon.  It seems like they must be doing something right.


Walking into the taproom, your eyes are drawn to the bar’s back-lit sign and the colorful signs above it showing all the beers they have on tap.  Even though they were fairly crowded, we never had to wait more than a moment for one of the bartenders to help us out.  Even better, they had plenty of seating so we didn’t have trouble finding a place to settle down and enjoy our beer. Although the crowd was mostly couples and groups of friends here, there were some people who brought kids (including us) and we felt perfectly welcome.  If you have dogs, they are dog friendly as well.


There was plenty to do here, with table tennis, two cornhole setups, oversized jenga, and a giant connect four game.

We also happened to attend on a day when Legal Draft was hosting a fundraiser for the Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, who brought in a couple of birds.  They were a hit with the kids and adults (and check out those eyes on the owl!)


There was a food truck (Sandwiches Around the World) and although we didn’t get any sandwiches, we did get their garlic parmesan fries.  They were fresh cut and delicious (and the kids liked feeding them to each other)!


Legal Draft-1

Of course, this is the reason to visit, and it didn’t disappoint.  Normally on Sunday they just sell beer by the pint (or flight). Although that was still an option, we supported the Audubon Center in exchange for a glass with three fills.

For the first one, we got the SMaSH and GRaB IPA (pictured above).  Named after a crime instead of a legal term (as most of their beers are), it also references the fact that it is brewed with a Single Malt (2-row) and Single Hop (citra).  This was my favorite beer of the afternoon.  The flavor was light, but full of a floral hop flavor (along with a bit of grapefruit) which Michelle and I both loved.  It looks like soon it will be available everywhere in cans!

Second up was their Presumed Innocent IPA.  It was sweet with just a tiny bit of bitterness on the finish and it was a little bit of a letdown compared to the first beer.  It honestly didn’t seem like an IPA, but they’ve stated that they were trying to make an IPA for people that usually doesn’t like IPAs, so that may be why.  I can support that and stick to the SMaSH and GRaB!

Finally, I gave their Roasted Pumpkin Spice Lager a try (they couldn’t come up with a legal term? Legal Gourdian?)  They had both this beer and their Legal Holiday Christmas ale (which I’ve had before and can recommend), so they may have overestimated the demand for their holiday beers (but they did have a sign up that it would be retired soon).  I hadn’t tried this one back in the fall when they released it, so I was glad to try it now. Like most pumpkin spice beers, it’s all about the spices (I honestly don’t know if pumpkin adds anything to the flavor) and it’s well balanced here.  I really enjoyed that they did this with a lighter beer, as many of the pumpkin spice beers are darker, heavier beers.

On the way out, we also got their root beer (Moot Beer) to go.  It was sweet and delicious with the perfect amount of spices, delivering exactly what you’d want in a root beer.  A great way to end the afternoon!


Legal Draft-57

This is a great taproom to visit with a friendly staff and atmosphere.  Most importantly, they have beer worth drinking.  If you’re ever in Arlington Thursday-Sunday, I’d recommend giving them a try. Cheers!


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