Day 076 – Bastard’s Midnight Brunch

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Arrogant Brewing in Escondido, CA (this is basically Stone Brewing)
  • Beer Name – Midnight Brunch
  • Served in an Arrogant bastard glass
  • Style – Strong Ale
  • ABV – 12.7%
  • IBU – 100
  • Untappd score –  4.148 (5,122 ratings)

Beer Notes

So I made a mistake before I started drinking this and had some pepper jack cheese that had ghost peppers in it (it’s Walmart brand and worth trying).  I started drinking this beer and I thought there was something wrong with it.  There wasn’t.  I realized that the peppers were messing with my taste buds (Food 101) so I let it sit a bit.  Now it wasn’t so bad.  I probably can’t describe it very well, but from what I read, they took their Arrogant Bastard ale, added espresso beans, and then aged it in bourbon and maple syrup barrels. The result is what you would expect, with coffee and caramel dominating the flavors and a very mild flavor from the bourbon.  I tend to love everything that Stone (excuse me… Arrogant) releases, but this one is on the lower end of their standards.  Only pretty good!

Other Thoughts

There is a lot of talk today that Trump removed Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.  Some have given Trump credit for doing this but that is undeserved.  Bannon should not have ever been on the council to start with, so he corrected the mistake.  Or did he?  Apparently Rick Perry is now on the NSC.  Maybe that’s not as bad as Bannon, but is it much better?

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