Brewery Visit – Bankhead Brewing Co.

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Brewery Name: Bankhead Brewing Co.
Location: Rowlett, TX
Date of Visit: April 9, 2017
Beers Enjoyed: Gussy Up (Pale Wheat), Rusty Tailgate (Saison), Barley and Beans (Porter), High Hood (Belgian Dark Ale), Off the Map DIPA, Dickie Seat Dunkel, Giggle Water (Vienna Lager), Devil Wagon (Helles Lager)


This past weekend, Michelle and I were looking for a good place to get some lunch and enjoy some beer, with the kids in tow.  We ended up at Bankhead Brewing, a brewpub in downtown Rowlett which opened this past August.


This brewpub feels more like a restaurant than brewery, but there is a nice looking (full) bar, if you were just stopping in to drink.  We took a seat at a table since we were there for lunch (and had kids tagging along).  There is some wall decor themed on the Bankhead highway, which I learned was an intercontinental highway built in 1916, which ran through Rowlett.  Outside, there was a beautiful patio lined with potted plants that is probably a great place to sit out and drink around this time of year.  Our server was very friendly, helpful, and provided great service through the meal.


Their menu was focused on pizza and sandwiches, although they have soups and salads as well.  We started with a pretzel appetizer with beer cheese.  This pretzel was giant, soft, and delicious.  The beer cheese had a bit of spiciness to it, and it complimented the pretzel perfectly.  Michelle got a club sandwich. She did like the sandwich, although the chicken (which seemed to be the star of the sandwich) was only on about half the sandwich, and it probably could have been cut in half to be spread more evenly.

I got a grilled cheese and brisket sandwich and although the cheese and brisket were quite good, the bacon marmalade pulled it together and made it something great. It was served with a side of parmesan truffle fries and they were delicious as well (maybe a bit too much truffle oil, but is that really a bad thing?… they were Michelle’s and the baby’s favorites too)  There is a kid menu as well, and both of the little ones seemed satisfied with their meals (cheese pizza and grilled cheese).


From looking at their beer list, it looked like they have done a great job of releasing a mix of beers that will appeal to both casual and serious beer drinkers.  I had to try as many as I could, so I ordered a couple flights.

First up was their pale wheat ale, Gussy Up.  This one had a bit of a pink hue from the raspberry and boysenberry that it was brewed with.  It had a bit of raspberry flavor but overall it was very light and easy to drink.  This would be perfect on a hot summer afternoon at the brewery.

Next, I tried their saison, Rusty Tailgate.  I was impressed with this one as flavors of lemon, orange, and clove stood out.  If Gussy Up is perfect for summer, I’d say that this one is perfect right now.

Barley and Beans, their coffee porter, was the third one I tried.  There was a strong flavor of roasted coffee and not much else.  If I could have beer for breakfast, this would be the one to pick.

High Hood was the first of two heavy hitters that I tried from them, a dark Belgian ale coming in at over 9%.  It’s sweet and malty with maybe a bit of raisin flavor.  It was smooth, easy to drink, and probably would be dangerous with a larger glass.

The final beer from the first flight was their double IPA, Off the Map which is at 8.6%. This beer was the best of the afternoon for me (Michelle as well, as she ordered a pint of it instead of doing any flights).  Big pine and grapefruit flavors with a strong bitter finish was everything that I wanted it to be.  If they started selling this one outside the brewery, I would definitely bring some home.

To wrap up the afternoon, I got a second mini flight with three of their lagers (Dickie Seat Dunkel, Giggle Water and Demon Wagon).  All of these seemed geared towards the non-craft beer drinkers, but each one was enjoyable.  I didn’t really take any notes on these but they all seemed to represent their styles well. Demon Wagon was the lightest of the bunch and should appeal to anyone who usually drinks macro light beer and wants to try something with a bit more flavor and a nice dry finish.


the baby tried to steal my beer

We had a wonderful experience here.  Great food, great beer and friendly people in a cool location.  I’d go back any time and order one of those pretzels and some beer and I’m sure I’d have a great time. If you want to learn a little bit more about the history of this brewery, please check out this great article from Tiney Ricciardi at Guide Live. If you have a chance, definitely check this place out.

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