Day 084 – Dank Daze

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Cedar Creek in Seven Points, TX
  • Beer Name – Dankosaurus variants
  • Served in a Cedar Creek glass
  • Style – American IPA
  • ABV – 6.8%
  • IBU – 65
  • Untappd score –  varies by version (from 3.807 to 4.024)

Beer Notes

Cedar Creek released a mixed 12 pack of beer this week called Dank Daze.  Inside there are three cans each of 4 different versions of their Dankosaurus IPA.  First is the original version, which I did not have a can of tonight, but I have had it before and it’s a well above average IPA and a great base for these other versions.

The first one I tried today was the Grapefruit Haze Dankosaurus.  This one was intended to bring out the flavor of the hops and it does.  There is a medium grapefruit flavor up front, followed by a strong flavor of pine and a bitter finish.  This one is close to perfect and it’s probably my favorite in the pack.

After that, I tried the Maui Wowie Dankosaurus, which has pineapple added.  This was quite a bit sweeter than the grapefruit one.  The pineapple and citrus flavors are very strong, and the pine flavor is more subdued.  There was still a good bitter finish but not quite as noticeable.  It’s almost as good as the grapefruit version but in a very different way.

The final beer that I tried tonight was the Poblano Paradise.  According to box, this one is supposed to enhance the savory characteristics of the beer, but that’s not how I feel about it.  Instead, it feels like a whole new beer.  Unlike some of the pepper beers that I’ve had, this one isn’t going for much heat, but just adding new flavor to it which does compliment the Dankosaurus quite nicely.

OK now, in the middle of my tastings, I poured a can of the original Dankosaurus for Michelle, and took a little sip to get a baseline (don’t tell her).  It confirms what I suspected.  The base beer is smooth, easy to drink, and perfectly balanced.  These other versions knock it out of balance, but in interesting and wonderful ways.

This pack was a great idea by Cedar Creek and it’s something that I would love to see from other breweries.  I remember trying a similar idea from Sam Adams a few years ago. An IPA of theirs with multiple hop varieties was released deconstructed, with each bottle containing only one of the hops from the original beer.  It wasn’t a great IPA to start with, so it wasn’t that exciting, but the concept was solid.  Cedar Creek is on to something here.  They should definitely do this again, and other breweries should take notice.



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