Day 087 – Sin Mint Temptress

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Lakewood Brewing in Garland, TX
  • Beer Name – Sin Mint Temptress (2016)
  • Served in a Sin Mint Temptress glass
  • Style – Milk Stout
  • ABV – 9.1%
  • IBU – 56
  • Untappd score –  4.177 (836 ratings)

Beer Notes

Over the course of the challenge, I’ve had the Raspberry, French Quarter, and Mole Temptress beers from Lakewood Brewing.  All that is left (for now, there will be a Coconut Temptress later this year) is the Sin Mint and Bourbon Barrel Temptress variants.  Today’s beer is one of my favorites, the Sin Mint.  This beer is a very close approximation of the thin mint Girl Scout cookies.  The mint flavor is dominant, and pairs well with the vanilla and chocolate flavors already present in the Temptress.  They state that there is graham cracker added too.  I’m not sure what that added to the beer, honestly but the beer is close to perfect so I don’t mind!

Other Thoughts

We are quickly approaching the end of the 100 days, and it’s pretty clear that Trump hasn’t learned anything.  His tweets today were like an Easter extravaganza of stupidity.

First, he acted like it was crazy that he would say China was manipulating currency (which he definitely did do previously).  Second, he mentioned his big electoral victory win (which wasn’t big and was only technically a win) and seemed confused about why anyone is asking for his tax returns (there are plenty of reasons why the public should be interested).  Finally, he also claimed that the tens of thousands of people who protested yesterday were paid to do so, which at any level is a ridiculous claim.

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