Day 090 – Boysenbarrel

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – The Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, TX
  • Beer Name – Boysenbarrel
  • Served in a Mother’s Brewing Company glass
  • Style – American Wild Ale
  • ABV – 7.6%
  • IBU – 6
  • Untappd score –  4.25 (388 ratings)

Beer Notes

I’m really starting to like these guys.  This is the 3rd great sour that I’ve had from them in this challenge.  I think that Dream Folk is still my favorite, but this one is close behind. To start with, it’s a beautiful color and I hope the pictures convey it.  As for the actual taste, it’s tart but not overly sour.  I think the barrel aging mellowed it out, although I don’t know enough about all that to confirm.  The finish is where you get the boysenberry and that’s the flavor that lingers.  Very delicious!

Other Thoughts

The White House is still trying to screw over millions of Americans, because they can’t just leave Obamacare alone.  They apparently still want to do it in the first 100 days, so they are running out of time.  I’m going to need some strong beers the next ten days!

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