Day 093 – Eclipse – Elijah Craig 12

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – FiftyFifty Brewing in Truckee, CA
  • Beer Name – Eclipse – Elijah Craig 12 (2016)
  • Served in a Societe Brewing glass
  • Style – Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 11%
  • IBU – N/A
  • Untappd score –  4.401 (7,625 ratings)

Beer Notes

I think this beer is defined by how smooth it is.  On that level, it’s one of the best beer tasting experiences I’ve ever had.  As for the flavor, it’s very good as well.  There is chocolate, vanilla, bourbon, honey, with a dark roasted coffee finish.  So it sounds like an almost perfect beer, and it honestly is very good.  BUT it’s also the most expensive bottle of beer I ever purchased.  So yes, it’s one of the better beers I’ve ever had, but from a value standpoint, it’s just not that spectacular.  If money isn’t an issue, by all means do give this beer a try.  It’s not distributed in Texas, but I picked it up in Illinois so it must have decent distribution.

Other Thoughts

Today is Earth Day and it was the day of the Science marches. Worldwide there were hundreds of thousands of participants, with the largest crowds in Washington DC and Chicago.  I saw pictures of marches in places as exotic as Nigeria and Greenland and it’s very reassuring to see that people all over the world understand the value that science has on our lives.

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