Day 097 – Numb Comfort

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX
  • Beer Name – Numb Comfort (2017)
  • Served in a Numb Comfort snifter
  • Style – American Barleywine
  • ABV – 11%
  • IBU – 85
  • Untappd score –  4.2 (25 ratings)

Beer Notes

This wasn’t supposed to be my beer for the day, but I’m still sick and I’ve had this one before so I figured it was a better choice.  I’ll give a review of the beer as it tastes to me right now, because it’s interesting!  The aroma is nothing because I can’t smell anything. The flavor is almost like cherry cough syrup.  I think that in my current state I’m interpreting the bitterness as something medicinal.  I know I enjoyed this one the first time around, and I like it now too, even if it tastes completely different in my current state.

Other Thoughts

Trump unveiled his tax “plan” today.  It was just a one page outline, keeping in line with the level of detail he has presented in the past for his other plans.  This plan would greatly reduce government revenue and increase the deficit, which means it will probably be DOA in the Senate, because the level of deficit increase means there will be a 60 vote threshold.  The Treasury Secretary has said that he was hoping to do it with a 50 vote threshold, but it’s unclear how he would make that happen.

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