Day 098 – Pirate Bomb!

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Prairie Artisan Ales in Tulsa, OK
  • Beer Name – Pirate Bomb!
  • Served in a Revolver Brewing glass
  • Style – American Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 15%
  • IBU – 65
  • Untappd score –  4.504 (11,521 ratings)

Beer Notes

Feeling better today so I’m back on track with my beers.  I skipped over a good one and I’ll save it for a special write up at a later time (it would have been the scheduled beer for today).  I’ve had a lot of Prairie’s Bomb! beers, even in this challenge, but this may be the best one.  I poured it and then had to take care of the baby so it was already warmed quite a bit before I got around to it.  The aroma was strong chocolate to me (Michelle got Kahlua out of it)  and the flavor was (more in line with Michelle’s thoughts on the aroma) coffee, chocolate, and rum.  At the finish there was a bit of heat from the chili.  The alcohol was almost completely absent which isn’t a small task at 15%.  I don’t know if it’s the best stout I’ve ever had, but I don’t know that it isn’t…

Other Thoughts

I don’t know for sure where everyone reading this comes from, but I think that most are probably from Texas.  There are local elections coming up on May 6th, with early voting days until the 2nd.  I have a tough time figuring out what exactly I’m voting for, but I plan to go tomorrow, and everyone should try to do the same.  Check out local newspapers to figure out exactly what is up for vote!

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