Day 099 – Parabola

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Beer Stats

  • Brewery – Firestone Walker in Paso Robles, CA
  • Beer Name – Parabola (2013)
  • Served in a Firestone Walker glass
  • Style – Russian Imperial Stout
  • ABV – 13%
  • IBU – 82
  • Untappd score –  4.54 (11,764 ratings)

Beer Notes

This is the most highly rated beer that I’ve had, when looking at different beer review sites, so expectations are high.  And for the most part it meets them.  For me it’s not the best I’ve ever had, but out of the thousands I’ve tried it’s probably in the top 5% and probably in the top quarter of all beers I’ve had in the challenge.  So on one hand it could be a disappointment that it’s not #1 in my opinion, but opinions vary and it’s still an amazing beer so I’m happy with it!  The dominant flavors are coffee and bourbon.  It’s really strong and boozy and there are a bunch of other flavors lingering underneath as well, such as cherry, coconut, and vanilla.  I even tasted a bit of licorice in the final sips after it had warmed.  This version is from 2013, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer 4 years old before, so it was an interesting experience.  I don’t know that you’ll have any luck finding any year of this beer, but if you get a chance I suggest you try it.

Other Thoughts

Headline of the day courtesy of the Washington Post: Trump now agrees with the majority of Americans: He wasn’t ready to be president

It’s baffling that such a large minority thought he was… and that that was enough to get him elected.

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