Thoughts on the Beer Challenge

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During the challenge, I had beers from 17 states and 4 countries.  There were 70 different breweries, including 28 from Texas. The average Untappd rating for these beers was 4.16 but I tended to like them more than that as my scores averaged out to 4.33.  I guess I am easily pleased!  The most underrated beers to me are from two local breweries, and probably shows my bias.  First was the Grapefruit Haze Dankosaurus and second was Sin Mint Temptress.  To me, a couple of west coast barrel aged stouts, from Full Sail and North Coast, were the most overrated. I was most generous with my ratings on Monday (4.5 average) and most stingy on Thursday (4.11 average).  The Untappd ratings are similar through every day so I must have just really been happy to have beers on Monday.

General Thoughts

I’d do a 1 week challenge in the future.  Maybe even a 1 month challenge.  But there will NEVER be another 100 day challenge in my future.  Sometimes you just need a day off from beer, and certainly it hasn’t been healthy.  I’m on a 3 day break from alcohol so far (other than a single sip of Michelle’s gin and tonic the other night) and it’s a relief. I plan to break for at least a few more days (until Saturday) and it’s actually exciting.

When I started writing down my thoughts on the beers, I had no idea how to write about beer and I am sure it showed.  But I was just doing this for me so it didn’t seem to matter. As the blog has grown a bit in popularity, I’ve made an effort to learn how to review beer more critically and I hope it shows.  It’s still a work in progress, but I plan to continue it with further reviews over the coming months.


It probably turns some people away from here, but I started this blog as both a drinking challenge and a Trump protest.  If the politics aren’t your thing, good news, as I’ll probably be posting less of it, but I’ll still write when it’s noteworthy.  The first 100 days were a wild ride. Things haven’t been great for the country, but Trump tripping over himself has limited the damage he has caused, with very little legislation passed. Even though I won’t drink every day anymore, I’m sure this administration will drive me crazy and that will lead to drinking on occasion!

In The End

It was fun.  I drank a lot of amazing beer and I always looked forward to what was coming up.  I can’t possibly recommend that anyone else do this, but if you have a cellar full of beer, maybe a smaller challenge is in order.  What’s the point of beer if you’re not going to drink it?  I’ve got a couple of brewery reviews coming up, and event, and a couple of new beer reviews over the next couple weeks.  Stay tuned, because I’m not going anywhere.  Thanks for your support!

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