American Craft Beer Week – Cobra Brewing’s Dawn of the Dank w/ Watermelon

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It’s the first day of American Craft Beer Week and I’m drinking a special beer from Cobra Brewing Co!  Taps & Caps in Lewisville tapped the only keg of this watermelon version of Dawn of the Dank today and I was able to get a crowler of it to drink tonight.

This is an amazing beer!  Dawn of the Dank is already a really good imperial/triple IPA with a good fruity flavor and strong bitter finish and this one has a ton of watermelon flavor thrown on top of it.  It’s refreshing and would be a perfect summer beer if there was any still left when summer rolls around.

Cobra Brewing was my first local craft beer love.  I’ve been to their brewery more times than I can count and I’ve tried almost everything they’ve released.  This is probably my favorite IPA from them yet!  At the time of this posting, the keg is already a quarter empty, so get on over to Taps & Caps as soon as you can to give it a try!

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