Collective Brewing Project Beer Review

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This week I tried out a few beers from Collective Brewing Project.  One is a brand new release and the others are just ones that I had not tried yet. These beers, according to the labels, are all in their brett series.  Check out my thoughts below the break.


Pineapple Thai Basil Petite Golden Sour

I’ve had a few of these limited releases from Collective, and so far they have been great. In fact, they are right with Martin House as my favorite sours in DFW, if not Texas.  I haven’t actually tasted their normal Petite Golden Sour, but it’s hard to imagine something I’d like better than this.  Basil is the dominant flavor here.  The pineapple comes in a distant second.  Long after I finished the beer, the aftertaste of basil remained, leaving a feeling that I had just enjoyed something savory.  I don’t know the first thing about food pairing but I imagine there is an opportunity here.  This is an amazing beer, one of the best I’ve tried from Collective.


Suspicious Delicious

I’ve seen this beer on the shelves for a while.  According to the bottle, this is batch 1 from 6/4/16. It poured out with a ton of foam that faded quickly. The first thing that I thought of when I tasted it was mimosa.  It’s not a particularly sour beer, mostly just a little bit tart.  There is a lot of sweet citrus flavor, which tastes like orange and pineapple to me. I’d also like to note here that I’ve been making Michelle taste all of the sour beers that I try, and she liked this one.  I never thought I would find one she would like.  To be fair, as I said, it’s not very sour (it’s labeled as a saison, not a sour), but it’s an impressive beer.


Urban Funkhouse

Along with Suspicious Delicious and the standard Petite Golden Sour, this is the Collective beer that I see most commonly on the shelves.  This particular bottle is labeled as blend 7 from 8/8/16. It is probably the least impressed I’ve been by a beer from them, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible.  For the most part, it comes across as a pretty standard saison.  There is a light citrus flavor with medium carbonation.  In addition to this is a flavor that I don’t really know how to describe.  Funk I guess?  It adds a little twist but doesn’t change things up too much.  There was a lot of sediment settled at the bottom of my glass after I poured it as well.  In the end, a decent beer, but nothing special like I’ve come to expect from this brewery.


OK, I just wrote these reviews in the order that I tried them, and just ending on something negative-ish didn’t seem like a way to end the article.  If you want to read more about some of the amazing things these guys have released, check out my articles from the 100 day beer challenge for their Dream Folk, Boysenbarrel, and American Sour Red.  (Not to mention their Brett IPA Brett SMaSHY which I didn’t review but was also great.)


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