Blind Taste Test – Double IPAs

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For our second blind taste test, we stuck with IPAs but kicked it up a notch and picked Imperial/Double IPAs from the Dallas area. Read below to find out how they were.

The Process

I didn’t mention this last time, but here is the process we used for setting up the test. We got out 4 taster glasses and Michelle filled them with each of the beers and put them on the table for me. I didn’t watch her pour them so I had no idea which beer each one was. I had had each of them before, but honestly did not remember the color or flavor, so I really had no idea what each one was. After I was done, I poured for Michelle and placed them in front of her randomly.  She had seen the beers and the colors, but by the time she started she couldn’t remember which color was which beer (and I don’t think she has the biases I have anyways).

The Beer


In our battle for the best DIPA in the Dallas area, we picked the following 4 beers:

  • Cobra Brewing – Dawn of the Dank
  • Noble Rey – Vertigo
  • Peticolas – Sit Down Or I’ll Sit You Down
  • Texas Ale Project – 100 Million Angels Singing

3 of the beers were purchased recently at the Craft Beer Cellar in Dallas. The Peticolas beer was purchased from The Thirsty Growler in The Colony in a crowler.

The Results


For our first blind taste test, Michelle and I did not agree on #1. This time around we did agree on #1 but little else.  Let’s start from the bottom.

4. Noble Rey – Vertigo (Me: 3rd Michelle: 4th)

This was a sweet, strong, piney IPA with a very bitter finish.  For me, there wasn’t much separating this one from my top 2.  Michelle thought it was good despite being her last place finisher. I think my previous 3.75 score on Untappd was accurate or maybe even a little low. This is a very good DIPA and I wouldn’t ever turn it down.

3. Cobra Brewing – Dawn of the Dank (Me: 4th Michelle:2nd)

I was surprised by my last place ranking of this beer. There is no brewery that we have visited more than Cobra.  They feel like OUR brewery.  And, like all of these, it’s a good beer.  But I may have overrated it in the past because I love them so much. There is a bit of a melon flavor that I never noticed before which brought it down a little bit in my opinion. It’s also very strong and the alcohol was very noticeable to me. Michelle said it was delightful and that she could drink it all day. She has high tolerance but I’m not sure even she could make it that long at 11.77% ABV.

2. Peticolas – Sit Down Or I’ll Sit You Down (Me: 2nd Michelle: 3rd)

Along with Cobra’s beer I thought this would be my other favorite. When I was first getting into local beer, this beer almost seemed mythical.  The first time I was at a beer festival where it was on tap, they had already run out by the time I found their booth. Now, it’s not hard to find, and it’s a good thing! Michelle thought it was good and she liked it but just wasn’t as special as her top two. For me, I thought everything was balanced, even if it was in an extreme way.  Strong citrus fruit flavors, strong alcohol and a lot of bitterness.  Everything about the beer is in your face and fits the name. It was almost my #1 and lost out just barely.

1. Texas Ale Project – 100 Million Angels Singing (Me: 1st Michelle: 1st)

Because these were all such high quality beers, I was quite surprised that we actually agreed on this. This beer is great.  I don’t even know if I have all the words to describe it well. It was strong, like all of these beers, but the alcohol was hidden better. Pineapple stuck out to me. It was almost like drinking a juice-beer blend. It was so easy to drink that you forget about how strong it is. Michelle’s thoughts basically mirrored mine when she said “Easy to drink & refreshing AF.”



We were a little surprised at the results, but there were no bad beers here. We think we could put each one of these up against the best that the rest of Texas has to offer, and they would do well. Noble Rey may have finished last, but the beer is still great (and they have the best cans around, in my opinion). I always thought Texas Ale Project was a solid brewery, but they have a whole new level of respect from me.  Cobra and Peticolas more or less met expectations, but I expect a lot from them. These taste tests have been a ton of fun and I’d love to hear about other people doing the same thing, or if you have ideas on what style of beer we should try next. Let me know in the comments!

Not many more pictures but there is a gallery here:


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