Prairie Artisan Ales at Lone Star Taps & Caps

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I stopped by the Prairie event tonight at Tap & Caps.  Here are my thoughts.

If you’ve ever been to Tap & Caps in Lewisville, you would know that they don’t have the largest space, and it was packed tonight. With a lot of great Prairie beers on tap, including their Pirate Bomb! and Birthday Bomb!, you would expect a crowd. That was definitely the case, as there was nowhere to sit by the time the event officially started at 6. They had a couple of new beers there, the Pharm Hand and Prairie-vous Francais with Chamomile, to go along with several versions of their Bomb! stouts (and I believe a couple others as well).

The Beer

I tried the Pirate Bomb!, and it was fantastic as always. There is a lot of chocolate, coffee and rum in this one and it’s strong! One of my favorite beers of all time.

While talking to the Prairie reps, Mickie and Cody (who were super friendly), I got a taste of the Prairie-vous Francais with Chamomile (which the Taps & Caps staff was having some trouble tapping due to foam). This was a great beer with a good strong floral flavor. I didn’t have enough to give a proper review, but it was awesome. According to Mickie, this (along with the Pharm Hand) was just a limited/test keg that they brought along for the event, so I’m glad I got to try it.


I had a bigger taste of the Pharm Hand which I brought home in a 16 oz crowler. It wasn’t as good as the chamomile beer but it was still pretty great.  It reminded me of a good Jester King farmhouse ale, with light tartness and citrus flavor along with a lot of funk.

Final Thoughts

Mickie gave me a patch. Not sure what to do with it but it looks awesome.

As a long time Prairie fan, this was a good night. I finally got my hands on a Prairie Bomb! glass, I tried a couple special beers, and I got to speak with them a bit about the brewery and their future. It’s hard to believe that they haven’t even had their fifth anniversary yet (which is later this year). If you haven’t had any Prairie beer, make sure you get some. I love the beers from my home states (Illinois and Texas) but Prairie is probably my favorite outside of those two states. They seem to perfect every style that they try and there are no signs of them stopping.

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