Grapevine’s Birthday Bash 2

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We made a trip out to Grapevine to celebrate their birthday. Check out our thoughts below.


Anyone who pays any attention to the DFW beer scene knows that Grapevine Craft Brewery has been around for more than 2 years, but this is the birthday party for their taproom in Grapevine, which opened well after they started out in Farmers Branch. We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been to the taproom now, but this was the first time they had the whole brewery opened up when we’ve been there.

By the time we got there, it was approaching late afternoon and the summer heat was making things miserable. To make matters worse, we got there just after they ran out of anniversary glasses, and several of the anniversary beers were already gone. This was unfortunate, but there was no way for us to get there earlier, and there was still plenty of good beer to try.

There were vendors at the brewery, including a shirt printer, temporary tattoos, and several food options, but we were there for the beer. (Although we probably should have tried the beer ice cream…)


The first beer was a Witherspoon Barrel Aged version of The Master Coffee Stout. This was a great barrel aged stout, even if standing out in the heat wasn’t the ideal time to enjoy it. Coffee was the dominant flavor, along with some plum. There wasn’t a lot of flavor or aroma from the barrel but, again, this wasn’t the ideal place to do a careful tasting.  No matter, it was delicious.


The second beer of the afternoon (on the left above… Michelle’s Double IPA is on the right) was the Plum Berliner Weisse. This was another good beer with strong sweet plum flavor and a light tartness. It was even better than the tart cherry Berliner Weisse that we tried back in April. The Double IPA, not a new beer, was fruity and delicious as always.

The chalk van will always be good advertising!

In the end, everything turned out fine, as we found a couple leaving that didn’t want both of their anniversary glasses, so we were able to take one home. The beer was great and Grapevine managed to put on a wonderful event given the crowd size and the heat.

Here is a link to the full gallery, Michelle took some great photos: LINK


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