Brewery Visit – Athens Brewing Co.

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Brewery Name: Athens Brewing Co.
Location: Athens, TX
Date of Visit: June 24, 2017
Beers Enjoyed: Apricot Ale, Wit of Premonition, Anniversary Ale, Experimental IPA #6, Black Eyed Pea, Tits on Bulls, Piney Woods DIPA


When we visited Tyler in the beginning of June, the bartender at True Vine mentioned that there was a brewery in Athens. We didn’t know it existed but put it at top of our list of places to visit next.  We made it out there two weeks later, and it was worth the trip.




Located in the Athens downtown square, the brewery is in a perfect location and it was a great place to hang out. They have a fantastic looking patio but we were mostly outside as the furniture was too wet from rain the day before. The space they had inside was amazing, as they had multiple floors with plenty of seating. Our bartender was friendly and helpful which led to a great overall experience.



We weren’t here for the food, as we had other lunch plans, but we did order a side of their Sexy Fries which were solid. The little guy was a big fan. They do have a decent sized menu of bar food though, and the choices looked pretty good.



Jared accidentally poured a couple extra beers for the flight, so it turned into a 6 beer flight. He said the Apricot Ale is their best seller and it’s not hard to see why. It was light and refreshing with a mild apricot flavor that would be easy to drink in the hot Texas summer. Their Wit of Premonition was a decent witbier with a bit less banana and a bit more citrus than you normally taste. The Anniversary Ale and Experimental IPA #6 were both light, hoppy beers that were not bad, although not particularly memorable.

The best of the flight was saved for last with their Black IPA (called Black Eyed Pea) and their barleywine Tits on Bulls. Black Eyed Pea had good floral hop flavors with a light roastiness and some bitterness. The Tits on Bulls was a sweet, delicious and strong with some floral notes as well. Michelle got a glass of their Piney Woods DIPA. It was unique, but the addition of sage and juniper added flavors that didn’t work as well together as we had hoped.



We wish that a lot of the breweries in the DFW area had as much space as Athens has. We really enjoyed our time there and will definitely return to if we find ourselves in the area. If you live around Athens, or if you are just looking for a fun day trip, this is a stop to consider. Good beer, good food and good people!

If you want to check out the rest of Michelle’s pictures, which includes our stop at Rounder’s Pizza in Athens as well, the gallery is here.

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