Jester King Mega Roundup #2

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This is more of a medium sized roundup, but it’s the follow up to last month’s roundup so I stuck with the same name. Check out my thoughts below.

Wytchmaker (Batch #17 – 05.03.17)


This is the first repeat beer I’ve ever had from Jester King, although the last time I had Wytchmaker was in 2014 and all I remember is that I liked it.  Nothing has changed.  This is a unique and delicious IPA. It has a flavor that I can best describe as earthy.  It’s a little bit funky and definitely hoppy with some floral flavors coming through. This isn’t my favorite beer from Jester King, but it’s very good, and clearly a popular one for them if they are on batch #17 now! Because it’s a bit different from a typical IPA, there’s no guarantee that you’ll like it.  But if you like IPAs and Jester King, then you’re almost certainly going to like this one as well.

Beachtimez Sportzketball (Batch #2 – 04.25.17)


The label describes this as a grisette inspired farmhouse ale refermented with Texas loquats. My spell checker doesn’t like a couple of those words so there are probably a lot of people who don’t know what they are (and I didn’t know either).  A grisette is a style of beer similar to a saison, but low alcohol (this one is 4%) and brewed with malted wheat. They were originally brewed as light easy drinking beers in Belgium for miners after a long day of working the mines. For more information, check out this article in Draft Mag. That doesn’t necessarily sound exciting.  Maybe the loquats will add something to it. Loquats are a sweet fruit native to China.  Apparently you can grow them in Texas as well.

So how was it? The result here is a VERY mildly flavored beer with notes of peach and maybe something lightly floral. It has the body of a beer that you would expect a bit more out of, but it never appears. There is a mild bitterness on the finish. The most exciting thing about this beer, by far, is the label. If it was packaged in six packs and sold as a beer for floating the river, it would probably do well, but I just don’t think that this one is worth it in its current form.

Provenance (Batch #4 – 03.29.17)


There are at least a couple versions of this beer, since I had a version of this once which was made with orange and grapefruit.  This one is brewed with lemon and lime. I don’t remember the first one but based on my notes I suspect that this one is better. It’s still not great.  There is a decent lime flavor and a little bit of funkiness and tartness, but it’s pretty bland. It may be the least interesting beer I’ve ever had from Jester King. Another nice label though so that’s… something?

Sing*Along Deathmatch (Batch #1 – 09.26.16)

Sneaky move by Michelle putting her watermark on this one.

This beer, brewed with rosemary smoked honey and plums, is unique. At first, the flavor of smoke was overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure I liked it. As it warmed up a bit, however, the plums take over. There was still some smoke up front but it quickly faded into a sweet, fruity finish. I don’t know if I’d get this beer again, but it was worth a try just to taste something completely different.


I said most of this in last month’s summary, but not much has changed so I’ll repeat myself a bit. For the first couple years that they were around, I really thought that Jester King was highly overrated. My opinion on that has changed somewhat. Most of their beers are pretty expensive, and several of them were pretty disappointing.  But there are some great beers from them as well. I’ll probably take a little break from them now, and maybe there will be a roundup #3 in a few months.  Time to focus on other breweries!


All photos were taken by Michelle Carriere.  Check out her work at

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