Brewery Visit – Mother’s Brewing Company

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Brewery Name: Mother’s Brewing Company
Location: Springfield, MO
Date: July 15, 2017

Beers Enjoyed: Sunshine Chugsuckle, Imperial Grind

We made back to back weekend trips to Missouri last month to visit with family, and of course there were several brewery stops along the way. Mother’s was one of the best ones we visited. It wasn’t our first time there, but they continue to impress by getting better and better.



Mother’s Brewing is one of three breweries located in downtown Springfield, which is a better beer town than you might expect (with 4 breweries total including White River which is a bit north of downtown). Their tasting room is a decent size, with a number of tables available when we showed up in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.  The space in the tasting room, however, is nothing compared to the space they have outside.  There is a very large lawn outside of the tasting room.  They had a stand set up with a limited number of beers available out there as well. There were people outside, mostly under the trees in the shade, but we decided to go in as it was around 100 degrees and sunny while we were there.



The first beer I ordered was the Rye Manhattan ITBM (Imperial Three Blind Mice). Michelle got the Sunshine Chugsuckle.  She wasn’t a fan of her beer, so we quickly traded (more on the Rye Manhattan ITBM later). The Sunshine Chugsuckle was a good beer, but it didn’t quite seem like a NE IPA (assuming I even know what one is supposed to taste like). It was hazy and refreshing, but light in taste, resulting only in a mild fruity aroma and flavor that was enjoyable but not exciting.

The second beer, Imperial Grind, is a masterpiece. It is possibly the best coffee stout I have ever tried.  It was so good, in fact, that I regretted not getting some to go and so we stopped by the brewery again the next week, only to find they were out of the 4 packs. Fortunately we found a few at a local liquor store, so I was able to bring some home. With all that said, I realize my description of the beer is lacking. Since I was hanging out with family, I forgot to take notes.  I’ll make sure to include a more detailed review when I try out all the beers I brought home (see below) and we’ll see if my thoughts from the initial glass hold true.



This is a great brewery, and they have something for everyone.  Even my own mother, who doesn’t enjoy beer, was able to get their Flip Cider (which I had a small taste of and it was like drinking apple juice). The people working behind the counter were friendly, and they have a good sized gift shop along with beer available to go. I picked up several beers (including a bottle of the Rye Manhattan ITBM) and was going to review them for this review.  However, it turned out to be a tall task and I haven’t tried them all yet so I will make a future post with those reviews. If you’re ever in Springfield, this should be one of your stops!

The entire gallery of photos from Michelle can be found here.


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