Brewery Visit – Deep Ellum Brewing Co

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Brewery Name: Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Location: Dallas, TX
Date: June 19, 2017

Beer Enjoyed: Cherry Play Date


For several years now, Deep Ellum Brewing has been a mainstay in Dallas.  This wasn’t our first trip to the brewery, but it was our first trip since they added a food menu and we wanted to give that a try. We visited during a bit of a transition time for the brewery. The were doing a bit of reorganizing, and as a result, they didn’t have a lot on tap outside of their normal year round selection, all of which I’ve had a few times.

They did have one beer which was exclusive to the taproom, Cherry Play Date (not pictured), and I gave it a try. Overall, it was a solid beer which was light, not too tart and had a good cherry flavor. A close comparison to it, I think, is the recently released Vape Tricks from Prairie Artisan Ales. Michelle had their session IPA, Easy Peasy (pictured above), which she was a bit disappointed by.  She’s into the bigger flavors and so the normal Deep Ellum IPA is more her style than this light version. As for the food, well it was great and it’s a reason to go back. Michelle liked her burger, but not as much as her fries which filled her up before she could finish the burger.  The wings were spicy and delicious.

The beer may be good, but maybe the best reason to visit the brewery is to see everything they have on the walls and out on the patio. I can’t think of another brewery with as much personality and that alone makes it worth a visit.

Love their water taps

I know the place can get very busy on the weekends, but if you aren’t into big crowds and want to check them out, there were only a few other people there while we were eating lunch on a Monday afternoon.  Good beer, food, and atmosphere makes them worth a visit.

There are a lot more pictures on Michelle’s website here. Definitely check them out!

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