What Is This Unholy Beer? 

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Halloween is over but this beer is weird and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. The beer is called Silencio and it’s from Wicked Weed. The brewery was bought out by Anheuser Busch earlier this year, so it’s not a brewery I would typically support, but this sounded too strange to pass on.

So what is it? The label describes it as a sour dark ale aged in bourbon barrels with coffee and vanilla. From the start, it’s hard to miss that it is sour. At first, the flavors from the bourbon barrel stood out most. I couldn’t tell there was coffee at all. But as it warmed up a bit, the coffee and vanilla started to stand out more. In combination with the bourbon and tartness, it worked surprisingly well. It’s a bit too weird to be anything other than a novelty beer, but it works as something special. 

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