Pueblo Vida Anniversary Beers

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It’s Friday night and it’s time for beer. Today there is a 3 pack of beers from Pueblo Vida in Tucson, who brewed 3 different IPAs to commemorate each year they’ve been around. Let’s see if they are any good.

I’ll start out with 1 because why not? This is a crazy, funky IPA. There is a combination of floral and fruity flavors and it seems like something different sticks out from sip to sip. There is a big bitter finish but it fades very quickly into a mild, pleasant aftertaste. If the others are this good it will be a delicious evening. 

2 is as good, and maybe better, than 1. It’s a little less in your face but there is a lot of smooth fruit flavor with a mild finish. My first thought was that Michelle would like this one and, sure enough, she drank nearly half a glass.

This may be beer 3 but on a spectrum it would make more sense as 2 because it seems to share characteristics from each of the other beers. There is a little bit of the floral character of 1 but it’s more on the mild side like 2 with a smooth clean finish. It’s a bit random and it might be the weakest of these three, but they are all very similar in quality, and they are all good.

These are the first beers I’ve had from this brewery and I would definitely seek them out if I’m ever in Tucson. 4.5/5 for 1 and 2. 4.25/5 for 3.

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