Roundup – Happy Thanksgiving

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It’s Thanksgiving and right now it seems like there isn’t a ton to be thankful about in 2017, but for the first edition of roundup I will try to find a few things that aren’t terrible about this year so far while drinking the beer of the day, The Spice Must Flow from Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim, CA.

2017 Year in Review

As bad as 2017 has been, let’t not forget that we rolled into the new year with Barrack Obama as president. For 19 days, the country continued on, completely clueless of how bad things would get. We had an idea, but it’s been so much worse than anyone would have thought back then. In the next month or so I will be looking back at this garbage year, including all the awfulness of the Trump administration.

Things to Be Thankful For in 2017 (As Americans)

  • The first 19 days of 2017
  • The Women’s March (more on this later this week)
  • Efforts to block the Muslim ban and saving Obamacare (more on this later)
  • The November Elections in New Jersey and Virginia (more on this eventually)

Beer of the Day

This is probably my favorite pumpkin beer that I’ve had. But to be fair, it was brewed with pumpkin, spices and coffee and then aged in rum and whiskey barrels. You could take out the pumpkin and spices and this would already be a promising concept.  It’s basically pumpkin pie with hard liquor poured in.

Tweet of the Day (OK… from a couple days ago)


Final Thoughts

It’s hard not to be pessimistic when you look at our country.  But beyond the things listed above, there are other things that I am thankful for.  I love my family and friends and my job and even though I think America sucks right now, I would be separated from so much if I left, so I’m going to stay here and work to make our country a better place.

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  1. This beer sounds delicious…I just finished eating pie. Love the end of the year blog post ideas. I’m thankful for awesome friends that share my viewpoint on idiots in the White House. Enjoy your holiday!

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