Roundup – Bad Hombre Edition

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Back to work today and back to reality so it’s time for a drink that brings to mind our idiot president, Bad Hombre from Roughtail Brewing in Oklahoma.

2017 Year in Review 

Although it wasn’t the first time he used the term, Trump threatened the President of Mexico, saying that the US will stop the “bad hombres down there” (if Mexico does not) on a call the week after he was inaugurated. This was one of the early signs that he wasn’t going to reign in his toxic personality as president.

Beer of the Day

This brewery only release, Bad Hombre, was based on their Polar Eclipse stout, a 12.2% ABV stout. The original beer is smooth and hid the the alcohol well but was a little bit boring. This version has vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and peppers (ancho and habanero). The peppers are very mellow and only add a small amount of heat even as it warms. The cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate stand out more, creating a flavorful, exciting beer. This excellent beer better fits the hard working people that Trump wants to imagine are bad better than any actual bad hombres, like Trump himself.

Final Thoughts

I’m drunk.

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