Roundup – Milk The Venom

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There was so much that happened today. Need a good strong beer to go along with all this news.

Today’s Tweets

Just going to touch on this quickly because it’s late. Trump retweeted 3 tweets from a far right anti-Muslim group in the UK. He seems to be in a constant competition with himself to see how bad of a tweet he can make. He was condemned by leaders in the UK (including PM Theresa May) and praised by former KKK Grand Master David Duke. You’d think that this isn’t the reaction he’d want, but his response was to lash out at Theresa May’s criticism, with no mention of David Duke. Even an editor of right wing conspiracy site Infowars suggested that Trump should have not have sent out these tweets.

But Trump wasn’t done today. He also suggested in a tweet that Joe Scarborough is responsible for the death of a former aide in 2001 (who actually died tragically due to a heart issue).  There was so much more that happened today (this only covered 5 of his 19 tweets today) but for any other president today would be a horrifying, defining moment of their presidency.  It’s just another Wednesday for Trump.

Beer of the Day

Today’s beer is Milk the Venom from Brash Brewing in Houston. This is an imperial stout with coconut, coffee, cinnamon and chipotle. At first it was the coconut and coffee that stood out but as it warmed there was some heat from the pepper and the cinnamon stood out a bit more. I love stouts and I love coconut so there was a good chance that I would like this one but it was so smooth and delicious that it still exceeded expectations.

Final Thoughts

If tomorrow is anything like today, I’m going to need an even stronger beer tomorrow!


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