Roundup – Dosvidanya

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Dosvidanya is the Russian word for goodbye and also the name of today’s beer.

2017 Year in Review

We are less than a year into the Trump presidency but there have been a large number of high profile people in the administration leaving. Let’s remember some of the big ones.

Mike Flynn, Trump’s first National Security advisor, didn’t even make it a month into his job. His firing was related to his contacts with the Russians, which wasn’t the first sign that Trump was involved with the Russians, but at the time it was the biggest.

Sean Spicer, the first press secretary of the administration, made it about 6 months.  There isn’t any evidence that he was one of the people working together with the Russians at this point, but he spent 6 months having no moral issue with lying on Trump’s behalf.  He was great inspiration for some Melissa McCarthy comedy, but other than that, he won’t be missed.

Reince Priebus, the former chief of staff, was fired a bit more than 6 months in and replaced with John Kelly. Since being fired, he has been questioned in the Russia probe, but it’s not clear at this time that he had anything to do with any potential collusion.

Anthony Scaramucci was the White House communications director for less than a week. This was a nightmare hiring for Trump from the start. He immediately had an on the record conversation with a reporter where he cursed the reporter out and was forced into resigning 6 days after he started.

Steve Bannon was chief asshole in the White House for about 7 months before he resigned/was fired. Apparently he clashed with Trump, which is surprising considering their shared racist/white nationalist views.

Most recently, Tom Price resigned after it came to light that he had chartered dozens of flights on the taxpayer dime as Secretary of Health and Human Services, many of were for purposes unrelated to his job.

Beer of the Day

Today’s beer is Rye Barrel Dosvidanya from Destihl Brewery in Normal, IL. I tried the normal Dosvidanya earlier this year and it was amazing and this one comes up a bit short of this. Different isn’t always better. Pretty much all I could taste in this beer was booze and raisins.  It wasn’t bad, but the original was better.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to say for sure who we will be saying goodbye to next in the Trump administration, but the rumor right now is that Rex Tillerson will be resigning sometime in the next couple months. It’s amazing that anyone still wants to be part of this administration.

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