Roundup – End of the Weekend

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There have been a few drinks this weekend and not so much blog posting, so now it’s time to catch up.

Who Cares About America?

A: Not the Republican party.  What is happening in this country is astounding. We have a party that is ramming through legislation that will raise taxes on millions of Americans to give large tax cuts to corporations and a few of the richest Americans. And they are able to do this because of a president who most Americans didn’t want and was strongly supported by a foreign enemy. There are a few years before the worst effects of this tax bill (which still requires a couple more votes before it becomes law), so there is a way that the worst effects of the bill can be negated.  But it is completely dependent on people voting.

Beers of the Weekend


There were several beers this weekend, but there are a couple that stick out.  From yesterday, I had Cocoa Mapalm from Aslin Brewing in Herndon, VA. Aslin is mostly known for their IPAs, but this stout is fantastic. There is a strong flavor of maple along with chocolate and vanilla and it’s almost everything I ever wanted in a stout. It’s sweet but not too sweet and it’s like grown up candy.

From tonight is a beer called Black Crack from Southern Star in Conroe, TX. I’m not sure if this beer name is racist but whatever. The beer is not great.  It’s a bourbon barrel aged stout and I’m generally all over those but this stout is thin and the barrel doesn’t add much.


It’s hard to keep paying attention to the news these days. It’s clear that our democracy has been hijacked and it sucks. But the good thing is that we can fix it.  I mean, I’ll mostly just be here drinking beers, but it’s important to stay angry and never stop fighting and VOTE!


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