Roundup – Midnight Noir

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As our democracy continues falling into the abyss, the solution is to drink more beer.

Beer of the Day


I drank a couple of bourbon barrel aged stouts today and they were both great.  The first was Midnight Snark from Rabbit Hole in Justin, TX.  This was a good smooth stout that was over 10% but drank like there was no alcohol.  It was smooth and delicious.  The second was Noir from Prairie Artisan Ales in Oklahoma. This was even better. Loads of vanilla and chocolate and boozy and delicious. The Rabbit Hole is pretty rare on the Dallas side of town but may still be around in Fort Worth.  The newest Prairie Noir is hitting shelves this week and is worth picking up.

What Else?

Trump fully endorsed a child molester for Senate today. He also tweeted that the reputation of the FBI is in “Tatters”. Facts don’t matter anymore and over 70% of Alabama Republicans think that the accusations against Roy Moore (accused of molesting children) are made up by Democrats. I’m not sure how it’s not a sign of a collapsing civilization if he still wins this election. So yes, need to keep drinking!


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