Roundup – It’s Time for Beer

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There’s a bit of news to go over today (what’s new?) and I wasn’t prepared to do that sober so I pulled out a couple of interesting beers to get me through today’s events.


Today, Time magazine named the silence breakers as the person of the year.  These are the people who decided to speak up against men who have harassed, abused or raped them. One of the men accused of wrongdoing, Minnesota Senator Al Franken, is expected to resign from the Senate tomorrow. Although he has publicly been a strong advocate for women during his time as a senator, his actions behind the scenes are not acceptable. I hope that Minnesota can find a successor that has similar public convictions without the private shortcomings. Finally, accused child molester Roy Moore is still running for the Senate in Alabama. Polls show a close race between him and Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate best known for prosecuting (and getting a conviction against) two KKK members who killed four black girls.

Beer of the Day


The first beer was eJuice from Roughtail Brewing in Oklahoma. It’s an IPA brewed with hundreds of pounds of berries.  It’s basically a jam IPA. It’s not too bitter and there is a ton of fruit.  Would drink again.

The second beer is the legendary CBS from Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, MI. CBS, or Canadian Breakfast Stout, is a Chocolate and Coffee stout aged in bourbon barrels that were most recently held maple syrup.  The result is a strong, sweet stout with a lot of chocolate and coffee.  There isn’t much maple that I can taste, but the beer is very smooth and easy to drink. I really like it, but given the hype (multiple beer ranking websites have it in the top 15 beers in the world) it’s a bit disappointing. Oh, and if you have one of these and you pour it hard, the foam is amazing, possibly better than the beer itself.

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