Roundup – February 2017

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It may have been 2 weeks since I did the January roundup, but it’s time to continue.

Today’s Beer

Well let’s start with today’s beer, the 2016 Christmas Bomb! from Prairie Artisan Ales in Oklahoma. Their Bomb! series beers are great, but they are best had fresh. The bomb beers all have chocolate, vanilla, coffee and chili peppers, but as they age most of the flavors start to drop off except the peppers.  This beer also has some Christmas spices and they hold up reasonably well but it ends up being a pepper/ginger/nutmeg beer and it isn’t as good as it was when I had it fresh. Hopefully the 2017 version that I have will fare better.

Year In Review

February started out with Trump’s immigration ban order being halted.  As it stands now, much of his ban has been allowed, but at the time it looked like his controversial ban would be shut down.

In an interview aired on Super Bowl Sunday, Trump said that he respects Putin. I’m sure it’s unrelated, but Trump’s approval rating hit 40% early in February as well, a record low for a president so early into his first term.

The recently convicted (for lying to the FBI) Michael Flynn resigned from his post as National Security Adviser less than a month into the job. It was the first of many high profile officials to leave Trump behind and may end up being instrumental in bringing down the Trump administration (fingers crossed). This was also one of the early signs showing that many members of the Trump administration were in contact with Russians during the campaign.

Honestly, that is enough, right? There was a lot of other bullshit that happened in February, including a lot of big stuff that would have enveloped the Obama presidency but didn’t even warrant a mention here. Maybe March will be a bit more normal than February.  There’s no way that can be true, but we can hope, right?


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