Here We Go Again Day 1

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One year into the Trump presidency, and it feels like the country is ready to fight back. Today, on the anniversary of his inauguration, his opponents are so well organized that another large women’s march was held. On the other hand, the government shut down at midnight, despite the fact that Republicans control the House, Senate and the White House.  This is the first time the government has ever shut down while under control of a single party. For me, this is an opportunity to look back at the beers that I tried during last year’s 100 day challenge to survive Trump’s first 100 days. Over the next 10 days or so I will try beers that I tried back during that challenge and review them again, before looking back to what I had to say back then.

Today’s beer is Xocoveza Charred from Stone Brewing Co. According to Stone, this is a milk stout with cocoa, coffee and spices aged in bourbon barrels. The bourbon barrel aging is barely noticeable. The beer has a bit of heat, along with coffee, but it is very thin. This is an alright beer but not a great beer.

Here are my thoughts from a year ago:

Today’s beer is excellent.  There was a different flavor in every sip.  Coffee was most prominent but you could get a bit of cinnamon and vanilla and a little of the bourbon barrel.  And it was so smooth!  I’d drink this one every day if I could.

So, there is a bit of a change in my opinion. I have tried a lot of beer since I had this previously (On January 21st last year) and I think my thoughts on beer in general have changed a lot since then. I didn’t get much vanilla this time, and I didn’t think it was terrible, but there are much better beers that I would drink every day if I had the choice. I understand where I was coming from with my review last year, but it’s possible I didn’t have much of an idea what I was talking about.

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