Hi everyone!  My name is Paul.  in early 2016, I got the idea in my head to do a 24 day beer challenge/advent calendar full of great beer that I would stock up on over the course of the year.  After the election in November, I decided to take my beers (which there were now more than 24 of anyways) and turn it into a 100 day challenge to help me survive the start of Trump’s presidency.  This blog came out of my desire to document that journey.

The challenge was just a start though.  It ended on April 29th, and now I’m posting all about everything beer related in DFW, so keep checking in!

A final note:  I’m not doing this alone.  Most of the photos on this blog are taken by my partner in crime Michelle.  Check her out here: https://www.michellecarriere.com/