Texas Beer

At 23 bottles and cans, I will be drinking more Texas beer than any other kind over the course of this challenge.  Living in Dallas, DFW breweries Audacity, Bitter Sisters, Braindead, Collective, Deep Ellum, Lakewood, Martin House and Rahr were obvious additions.  Hopefully a few more local breweries will be represented soon.

Some Numbers

In preparation for this challenge, I have been collecting beers for about a year.  At this time there are 89 beers on the schedule, and I will choose the remaining beers as the project goes along.  Here are a few numbers on the beers I have collected:

  • 89 Beers
  • 68 Breweries
  • 5 Countries (US, Denmark, Belgium, Russia, England)
  • 19 States (top 4 are Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois)
  • 10.84% average ABV
  • The strongest beer clocks in at 17.5% and the weakest is 5.2%
  • 4.14 (out of 5) average rating on the beer review site Untappd
  • The highest rated beer has an average of 4.542
  • The lowest rated beer has an average of 3.678