Mini Review – Martin House Brewing’s Queen of the Mist (Passion Fruit)

I think at this point I’m in the Martin House fan club.  I’ve been a fan of their stouts for a long time.  In fact, their Pretzel Stout was the first beer I ever tried from them.  The IPAs are impressive as well, especially the Cellarman’s Reserve.  But recently, it’s the sours that have caught my attention.

They have released 5 different variants of Queen of the Mist now, and this is the third that I’ve tried (along with Prickly Pear and Apricot). The beer poured out hazy orange, almost like a mimosa and had a strong fruity aroma.  It started out tasting very tart out of the can, but seemed to mellow out as it warmed (or maybe I just adjusted to it?) The fruit flavor here is outstanding.  I’m not very familiar with Passion Fruit, but it tastes a bit like peach and orange to me with the saltiness of the base beer (The Salty Lady) standing out as well.  I think it would actually be the perfect beer for Sunday brunch. These cans just started rolling out onto the shelves of specialty beer stores in DFW this week but if they are anything like the other Martin House 2 packs, they probably won’t last too long!

Special Event – Martin House Brewing Sour Fest

Brewery Name: Martin House Brewing Co.
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Date of Visit: May 6, 2017
Beers Enjoyed: True Love, Salty Lady w/ Jalepeño, Salty Lady w/ Strawberries and Sour Cherry, Reverie, Sea Witch, Queen of the Mist (Prickly Pear), Salty Lady w/ Lychee, True Love w/ Red Currant, Sour IPA w/ Lime

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Texas Beer

At 23 bottles and cans, I will be drinking more Texas beer than any other kind over the course of this challenge.  Living in Dallas, DFW breweries Audacity, Bitter Sisters, Braindead, Collective, Deep Ellum, Lakewood, Martin House and Rahr were obvious additions.  Hopefully a few more local breweries will be represented soon.